Our Business


We offer a wide range of transaction and sector-specific advisory services on significant cross- border strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, finance arrangement and capital raising to corporations, partnerships, institutions and governments.  When being commissioned we offer the following services to our clients and support them in implementing their objectives:


- Definition of a roadmap and analysis of corporate objectives which best suits to our client.

- A complete selection of candidates (target companies) on the basis of defined criteria.

- Establishing confidential and personal contacts.

- Analysis of candidates (target companies)

- Assessment of on appropriate win-win model.

- Development of negotiation strategies and conduct of negotiations.

- Preparation of contracts involving external legal advisors.

- Arranging structured finance or capital raisings


Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures

Strategic alliances and Joint ventures allow companies with complementary skills to benefit from one another's strengths. They are common in technology, manufacturing and commercial real estate development, and whenever a company wants to expand its sales or operations into a foreign country. In a strategic alliance there is a legal agreement between two or more companies to share access to their technology, trademarks or other assets. A strategic alliance does not create a new company. In a joint venture, the companies start and invest in a new company that's jointly owned by both of the parent companies.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Financiall Windows's M&A practice teams up with some of the most notable banks and brokerage houses. Drawing on that experience, we are active across the full range of M&A advisory roles:

Cross Border Buy-side Advisory

We have a strong record of successful buy side advisory assignments in relation to private target companies and are able to advise interested buyers on attractive targets through our international network of relationships.

Cross Border Merger Advisory

Financiall Windows is well qualified to assist clients on merger transactions given the long experience of its partners and professionals, an assurance of total discretion and a lack of conflicting interests.


Finance Arrangement

Trade Finance through ECA’s

Financiall Windows can efficiently arrange ECA financing for overseas central or local governments through commercial banks. ECA is a form of governmental entity whose purpose is to promote exports from home country with the ultimate aim of supporting employment levels and economy by providing support for exports to buyers or regions where the commercial market is unable or unwilling to provide finance. This encourages businesses to export to new overseas buyers and new markets.


Project Finance thru BOT Service Providers

Financiall Windows is well qualified to arrange and organize cross-border BOT service providers. Qualified overseas local government who is the enterprise customer gets access to technology, expertise, knowledge and operating capital.  BOT “Build-Operate-Transfer” provider assembles the people, the processes and the technology and then provides services as an outsourcer.  At the agreed time, the service provider transfers the service delivery operation (including infrastructure) to the enterprise customer. BOT projects are funded to a big extent by commercial debt. The bank will be expected to finance the project on “non-recourse” basis meaning that it has recourse to the special purpose entity and all its assets for the repayment of the debt.